Cruelty in Our Streets: The Inhumane Treatment towards Community Pets by Humans

Cruelty in Our Streets: The Inhumane Treatment towards Community Pets by Humans

A few days back, one of the gentlemen in our society made a statement that “Are we paying such high maintenance bills to have these stray dogs around?”. He might have been trying to make a point regarding the high society maintenance bills. Another lady around said, “I don’t feel safe when I visit the marketplace because there are too many dogs”. And she was definitely not speaking about men.

These statements and various news bytes around the country towards the other creatures in society made me think about our position in the ecosystem.

Just because we have paid up to make our own “HOME SWEET HOME”, does that give us the right to remove these living beings from their own home. 

In the past, every creature in the ecosystem had a specific role and a specific place to live. However, as society has progressed, dogs have taken on new roles as companions and household pets. Unfortunately, not all dogs are fortunate enough to be raised in a loving and caring home. Many dogs end up in shelters, where they may have experienced neglect, abuse, or other forms of mistreatment. 

The relationship between humans and animals has been evolving for thousands of years. Many people keep dogs and other domestic animals as pets, companions, and working animals. Unfortunately, as human development continues to progress, many heartless individuals are trying to remove these animals from their homes, causing unnecessary stress and trauma to both the animals and the society in general.

One of the primary reasons that heartless humans try to remove dogs and other domestic animals from their homes is because of man-made developments. As cities continue to expand, more and more land is needed for housing, commercial, and industrial development. Unfortunately, this often means that animals’ habitats are destroyed or significantly reduced, and they are forced to relocate.

In many cases, these heartless humans view dogs and other domestic animals as a nuisance, especially if they are strays or are perceived as aggressive. They may try to remove these animals from their homes through inhumane means such as trapping, poisoning, or shooting. These actions not only cause unnecessary harm to the animals but also have negative consequences for the environment and other wildlife.

Another reason heartless humans try to remove dogs and other domestic animals from their homes is because of cultural or societal beliefs. Some cultures view dogs and other animals as unclean or pests, while others may have specific beliefs about how animals should be treated. Unfortunately, these beliefs often lead to unnecessary harm or neglect of animals.

It is essential to understand that dogs and other domestic animals have a right to co-exist in the same habitat as the humans. They have been a part of human society for centuries and have served as companions, protectors, and workers. Removing them from their homes is not only cruel but also detrimental to the environment and overall ecosystem.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect dogs and other domestic animals from heartless humans trying to remove them from their homes. Animal welfare organizations and shelters work towards keeping them in the same habitat or rehabilitating them that have been mistreated or injured. These organizations also work to educate the public on responsible care, management, animal welfare laws, and environmental conservation.

In conclusion, we must work together to protect these animals and ensure that they are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. By promoting responsible living and environmental conservation, we can create a world where animals and humans can live together in harmony.

P.S.: These community pets just ask for Food, Water and Love and they would in-turn be the best protectors towards the senior citizens, children and rest of our society.

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