We believe in connecting pet lovers with the right set of pet services as per their needs. Animals are part of our society and pets are part of our family.
Thus understanding the needs are very important

About Our Team

“I have always been scared of animals and my wife has been a huge animal lover. 6 years back on our first wedding anniversary we got our first fur baby, and being with him actually made me understand the love and affection of having a pet.... I can proudly say he has not only made me gentler but also a better human being. I hope with Perfectail we are able to bridge the gap between pet parents (& prospective pet parents) with pet services, businesses and organisations.”

Naman Kohli


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” From the time when I was a young girl, I have always had a special place in my heart for animals. I have been surrounded by pets all my life. Cats, Dogs have been a part of my life all through. Pets are love. And I am fortunate to have had so much of it. At Perfectail, we hope to connect pet parents to the right services and make pet parenting an even happier experience.”

Ruchi Tewari


“Woof! Woof! Slurrp slurrp!!”


(Chief Happiness Officer)

Our Vision

We envision to connect pet parents & pet lovers with the right pet services, businesses and organisations across the value chain.

Our Mission

To create a connected pet ecosystem during the various life stages of an animal so that pets & their families can have a joyful living.