Attention Pet Professionals!!! Let us grow ourselves 3X…

Attention Pet Professionals!!! Let us grow ourselves 3X…

Pet ecosystem is growing very rapidly and we are not just seeing a growth in the pet parents and pet lovers, but also pet professionals. Today, you need to grow your business, understand the market, and improve your horizon. But how do we do it is the question?

PERFECTAIL is the answer for you!

Perfectail is India’s first online aggregator platform connecting pet parents (and prospective pet parents) with the right set of Pet professionals depending on various factors. The idea of Perfectail is to not only bring in awareness but also connect with the right service for every pet-related need at a very nominal cost.

Why does a pet professional need Perfectail?

  1. Strong Online Visibility: Pet professionals would have a strong online identity connecting their online presence to one particular page. Businesses of every size would be able to connect with their customers.
  2. Lead Generation: Profit and sales is the backbone for each and every business. Strong SEO would help the businesses in reaching out to the potential customers and showcasing your products/services along with other details.
  3. Track and Analyse: It is very important to quantify the business details to make any further decisions. Perfectail offers a personalised dashboard that will help you track your visitors and also analyse your offerings.

How can pet professionals join Perfectail?

Extremely easy for any pet professional to join Perfectail. You have to just follow the simple steps:

  • ​​Visit
  • Quick registration using Social Media
  • Once you login, Click on “Add Listing” on the top of the menu bar
  • Choose Pet Professional category
  • Upload your details and submit the listing
  • Perfectail would do a quick background check and your listing would be live within 24 hours.
  • Share your listing with your customers, family and friends. You can also promote your page in your office to get more visitors and reviews.

What to do after joining Perfectail?

  1. Complete your listing: The details of your business listing would help your potential customers reach out to you. Business details, features, social media details, photos, videos, offers etc. Thus it becomes even more critical for you to have a complete listing.
  2. Respond to the reviews: Customers today like to share their reviews. Perfectail is a platform for the pet parents to share their opinion freely on the platform. However, as a business the first step could be to respond to these customers. This would help you create a personal connect with your customers.
  3. Awareness about your services/products: You can use your Perfectail Listing as a perfect opportunity to reach out to the potential customers. You can share your listing on social media pages. You can also write exclusive blogs about upcoming events, new launches, general awareness on various topics.

Perfectail as a platform is open for professionals as well as pet parents (or pet lovers). We invite various pet professionals across the pet ecosystem to get your business listed on Perfectail at a very nominal cost.

P.S.: For the first 500 listings, we are offering free listing for one year. Do visit us today and claim the offer!!!

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