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Aug 19, 2022

5 Food Items you should give to your Dogs

Still, worried if you are feeding your dog right? Proper nutrition is essential for the growth of dogs. Some of the best dog foods can be easily made in our kitchens. You must also ensure that you don't give your dogs anything made in the kitchen. That does more harm than good. A lot of fruits and veggies can also be given to dogs. And here’s an insight, they love to have such things as they find them extremely delicious. No matter the breed of your dog, these 5 dog foods will ensure their healthy growth.

  1. Sweet Potatoes: Sweet Potatoes are considered a great treat for dogs and also are a good alternative to regular potatoes. It's one of the best human foods for dogs that some pet parents have already taken a liking to and have been feeding to their pets for a while. Sweet Potatoes should be started early in their lives so eventually they develop a good taste for them.
  2. Watermelon: As difficult as we find summer months, dogs also usually don't find it very comfortable and need constant hydration. Watermelons are a great way to ensure that your dogs are well hydrated and nutritious in the summer months. One thing which you should ensure is the quantity given. More watermelon means an increase in the frequency of urination of the dogs. Bonus point if you and your dog both love watermelons and can create this as a bonding activity for the two.
  3. Yoghurt: Dogs love yoghurt whether you give it to them cold or hot. Yoghurt has a lot of benefits when it comes to a health point of view. Yoghurt as you all know is rich in calcium and hence maintains the bone health of your dogs. Especially the bigger breeds, require more calcium. Yoghurt even enhances the digestion of your dog and is hence considered one of the best dog food.
  4. Chicken: When it comes to dog food, Chicken mostly tops the list. It's the best source of lean protein and Vitamin D. Unlike the popular opinion that dogs should be given the leftover bones of the chicken you eat, it is actually harmful to your dogs as it leads to tearing their digestive tract or can even choke them. It is best to give them boiled and unseasoned chicken.
  5. Cucumbers: When it comes to maintaining your dog’s weight, you can always rely on Cucumbers. The not-so-strong flavour is what attracts the dog and even keeps them fresh for the next few hours. So when your dog feels lazy, you know what to feed them.
It's always good to give any food to your dog in moderation and after consulting a good vet. You can find a vet here. Like humans, some dogs can be allergic to some dog food, so it's best to first consult. Usually most fruits, veggies and chicken are suitable for dogs and they enjoy your meal times. The post-meal mood of a dog is considered to be a happy one, so consider that as their play hours.    

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